Holiday DIY

Roman Blinds

My creative pursuits, and particularly recording them on my blog have suffered this year! I’m working full time as a Grade 3 teacher, and although it is very rewarding, there isn’t a lot of time left for crafty things.

However, with teaching come ‘holidays’. (Which is really just lesson planning time!) Last holidays, I was struck by inspiration and a sudden need to make myself bedroom blinds. I have needed new ones for years, and just never quite got around to organising it. After some perusing on Pinterest, I found Jen Duncan’s brilliant post and it gave me the confidence that I could do it!

I spontaneously bought my material (without having measured my window… Oops. At least I over bought rather than underbuying!) and got to work.

5 metres of fabric

5 metres of fabric goodness

matched seams

First time at matching patterns along the seam

Jen recommended adding an extra cord down the middle for a particularly wide window. I realised mine was even much larger than that, so I added two down the middle, making 4 in total. It meant that I could tie the ends together and have two continuous loops, and it holds its shape much better!



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