Spring Sewing: Colette Sorbetto top

I am loving all of the different coloured jeans for Spring! I think I buy a new pair a week.

Exhibit A:

However, I’ve struggled to find nice tops I can wear with them that are just as fun as the jeans. Solution? Make one!

This dress was given to me awhile ago, and it is way too big, but I loved the material too much to pass it on. Originally, I thought it would make a cute skirt, but didn’t think there was quite enough material to gather. The more I looked at it, the more it screamed “Make me into a top!” Or maybe I’m crazy.


Fortunately, Colette have a free pattern available right here called the Sorbetto top, which I thought would be perfect for summer, but more importantly, perfect to wear with my coloured jeans! Notice how all the colours of my jeans are in the pattern on the material? Perfect!

Anyway, here it is finished!

The Details:

Pattern Colette Sorbetto top

Material (free) silk!


  • The material was free; the pattern was free; did I mention that everything was free?
  • I used French seams again. They’re just so pretty.
  • The colours match perfectly with all of my jeans!
  • It’s a top covered with rainbows. How can one be sad if they were it?!


  • Exposed bias binding
  • Making your own bias tape from silk
  • Applying created silk bias tape to a silk garment
  • Printable patterns.

What would I change?
If I made it again, I’d definitely add a ruffle, lace or something down the middle.
I’d also avoid exposed bias binding, and fold it to the inside of the garment rather than the outside!

Have you made any of Colette’s beautiful patterns?
I’m itching to make a Macaron, but I’m worried about the sizing. Through this experience I’ve discovered the patterns are so easy to understand, and the instructions are simple and easy to follow!



10 thoughts on “Spring Sewing: Colette Sorbetto top

  1. I’ve made Macaron. I found the sizing to be really good on this pattern, better than a few other Colette patterns I have made. Have you seen Sewaholic Cambie, it’s a lovely shape and easy to finish beautifully.
    I love your Sorbetto! That fabric is divine.

    • Oh thank you for your compliment and also your advice!! I’m just so careful with new patterns, and I always wonder if they’ll actually be petite enough. I might have to give it a try! I’ll also have to check out Sewaholic I think. :)

      • I’ve made Colette & Sewaholic in a size 0. Sewaholic fits but I still need to run in Colette a bit! Hope that helps. If you are in Australia, buy your indie patterns from Sew Squirrel!

    • Thank you so much!
      And I’ve definitely experienced ‘ opposite hemisphere weather envy’ before! I am very envious of your various knitting projects. It just doesn’t feel right knitting and crocheting when it’s warmer. :)

  2. I love this! And geeze all for free? Wow, you definitely know how to sew right. I’m impressed that you used silk too, I love silk but I definitely do nott like to sew on it. It turned out really great though, even the bias binding looks great. Excellent work!

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