Aware (ah-wah-reh)


It’s almost Spring here, and I am so excited. A lot of the blossom trees around my city have bloomed a little earlier, but they are beautiful! While searching for some cherry blossom trees, I discovered these ones on the border of my front yard. (Lesson learnt: Sometimes what you are looking for is right in front of you). They are stunning at the moment! However, at the time of posting – they are quickly fading, which brings me to my recent discovery.

I read  that ‘aware’ (pronounced ah-wah-reh)  is a word used by the Japanese to describe ‘fleeting moments of fading beauty’, particularly in regards to the last few days of cherry blossom seasons. I also think we all have moments in our life that we just don’t want to end; fleeting moments of clarity, beauty, and ‘infiniteness’. (The Perks of Being a Wallflower reference anyone?)

Back to fleeting moments of fading beauty. Those moments you want to grab onto, and hold tightly, and squeeze all the goodness out of it so you have something left behind to hold onto, when the season is over. If I’m honest, I haven’t experienced one of those moments in a while; but I want to.









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