Sewing a top a month: June/July “Jet Stripe Jumper”

Yeah, so I skipped May  and June and July are combined. My bad. If it counts, I’m making up the rules here, so in May I made a dress, and well, that’s even more than a top; so it counts. And this is knitted and sewn, so that’s definitely two months of work right there! Yeah – my rules.

I’m a new person to the world of knitting… I started learning a few years ago, but never really got into it. Over the last few months, well I’ve gone a little crazy. I taught myself to knit again, and made it my mission to start finish a jumper (sweater for you Americans). I guess I’m determined – because start to finish this only took just under a month – and some of that I was working full time during, so I’m pretty happy with my efforts.

Next time, I think I’ll stitch it together by hand. I used the machine, and I’m just not happy with the way it got stuck/stretched in places. And neckbands are annoying. Why do they leave them until the end?! I was about ready to give up.

I used a free pattern available through Spotlight and found it quite easy to use, especially as a beginner. I didn’t like how the sleeves were plain, so I changed it just a little, with two stripes on each sleeve.

Loves: I actually knitted something!

Loathes: neckbands, weaving in ends, using cheap yarn, mirror pictures


I actually have patterns and materials for the next few months, so there’s hope that I *might* stay up to date…


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