Chocolate Spoons

(I’m currently in the midst of crazy amounts of unit planning and gathering resources for my (new!) class, which is very exciting, but crafting and baking is suffering… Luckily, I found these in my photo album, and realised I never shared them – so here they are.)

About a month or two ago, I realised Winter had hit in full force, and I knew that the only solution was to rug up, with a cup of hot chocolate. However, I was also meeting up with my small group, so I decided the only possible solution was to bring along hot chocolates… with CHOCOLATE spoons to dip in and eat! I’d seen similar ones on sites like Sweetapolita and (of course) Pinterest, so I wanted to try my own, and I knew the girls would love them.

I also made little tea cups from biscuits/cookies and marshmallows, but if you want more info on them, check out Carla Sue’s lovely post here.

To make them, I used:

  • Chocolate (you can use cooking chocolate, or whatever you prefer. Personally, I’m a Cadbury lover! Dark or even white would be tasty too!)
  • Plastic spoons – preferably in a fun, bright colour
  • Sprinkles, stars, silver sparkles, whatever you can find in the cake decorating section of your supermarket
  • Baking trays
  • Baking paper
  • Wooden spoon, or other kitchen items to ‘prop’ spoons up on


  1.  Place spoons on trays lined with baking paper.
    (You may need to place a wooden spoon underneath the handles of the spoons, so that they sit flat and the chocolate doesn’t run off the spoon! – I wish I had a picture of this step… it was… interesting looking.) 
  2. Melt chocolate in a method of your choice – microwave, double boiler, stove top. Just make sure that you a) keep an eye on it so it doesn’t burn and b) keep water away from it!
  3. Place the melted chocolate into a small glass jug, (to make it easier to pour onto spoons.)
  4. Carefully, pour onto spoons until they are almost full. Make sure you leave room for the best bit!
  5. While chocolate is still soft, sprinkle with your chosen decorations.
    (If the chocolate has already set, the decorations won’t stick to it :( )
  6. Eat with your favourite hot drink for melted chocolately sweetness in your mouth.


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