I have discovered magic…

in the form of a pen.

See this little guy – Pilot’s erasable pen? He made the last dress I made a lot easier.

This guy? Magic!

I don’t quite remember where I heard about this little tip from, but it’s just so clever I thought I’d pass it on. If an erasable pen wasn’t magic enough, did you know you can use it on fabric, and it disappears? Let me show you…

Markings made on the fabric with the pen

Iron over your fabric and…

Same piece of fabric – no markings!

But wait… there’s more. If you find you iron over your garment and the marks disappear while you still needed them. You can get them back.

The pen becomes visible again at about -18degrees Celsius. Guess what the temperature of your freezer is? Yep.

Reappearing marks

Okay, okay. Maybe the last step was a little ridiculous. (It does work, but who wants to put their project in the freezer? NOT ME). Just don’t iron over the markings until you’re sure you won’t need them any more.

Hopefully this helps someone out just a little bit! I found it a lot easier to use than chalk, or marking pencils.

Of course, like anything, check that this works on a small swatch, before going crazy.


4 thoughts on “I have discovered magic…

    • It might be worth seeing if you can get them sent from the UK. We have them in Australia, so I assume they’d sell them too!
      They’re so much fun!

  1. Oh my gosh, WHAT? I freaking love you. I’m serious, I just ordered a pack of these on Amazon thanks to you and your glorious knowledge. ha for real though, thank you so much! This will definitely be coming in handy.

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