Pinterest Picks

I’ve been busy, busy, busy! Unfortunately, not on anything crafty or creative.

Despite how busy I am, I manage to find time for Pinterest. I think it’s what I love about it so much. A few minutes here and there, and I feel like I’ve achieved something! We all know really, I haven’t. However, I was looking over my ‘Wearing’ board the other day, and noticed certain colours and styles keep reappearing. It’s another thing I love about Pinterest. I think a quick glimpse of it quickly captures my style. I wonder if it’s the same for you.

Follow through to my Pinterest to see credit for original pictures. :) I’m quite pedantic, so they will hopefully link back to their source. 


2 thoughts on “Pinterest Picks

  1. Yes you are obviously a big lover of all things yellow :) and turquoisey-green. I LOVE it! Isn’t that the amazing thing about Pinterest? It shows you patterns that you otherwise never would have recognised! Love it :)

    • It’s definitely something I love about Pinterest! That, and seeing what everyone else likes and posts.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting on my page. I’ve been following yours for a while now and love it!

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