Shirt Dress Sewalong with A Fashionable Stitch

A Fashionable Stitch has just started up a ‘sewalong.’

I can’t say I’ve ever been a part of one, but I love the pattern she is using. In fact, I started drafting up my own, quite similar to Simplicity 1880, but never got around to it, and found it just a little above my skill level. I sketched it though, and started putting a bodice together, and then I got stuck.


I’m aware I’m not the world’s greatest sketcher ;)

It was based on Kate Middleton’s yellow dress that she was seen wearing, and a similar Forever New dress.

Kate Middleton

Yellow Eyelet Dress

Forever New

The point of this story… Why draft your own pattern, when someone has already done all of the hard work for me? I think I might just grab myself a copy of Simplicity 1880… And some nice yellow fabric…


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