Rainbow Cake (from the iPhone)

Unfortunately my Internet is down. It’s very annoying. (I mean, how am I supposed to watch Pretty Little Liars?!)

*Update: It’s temporarily back.. who knows for how long. Hopefully long enough to watch PLL? I’m obsessed.*

However, in absence of the Internet, I’ve been baking again. My friend made this rainbow cake last week from the Martha Stewart website, and I’ve been wanting to try it as well. And I was bored and procrastinating/procrastibaking. I’ve also wanted to try making Swiss meringue buttercream again.

I used Whisk Kid’s recipe, which turns out is the one on Martha Stewart’s page.

I was surprised at how well this turned out. And how yummy it was.

I added hundreds and thousands on top, and in my mind it looked cooler. I was aiming more for the cake that’s been circulating Pinterest. You know the wedding cake completely covered in them?

Image from Storyboard Wedding

Well, let’s just say, I’d LOVE to see inside the kitchen after they decorated their cake. Because there were hundreds and thousands (lame, I know… I couldn’t resist…) little balls of sugar all over my kitchen, and not as many on the cake as I wanted. :( I think it has to be done in stages. Maybe next time. Or maybe I’ll stick them to fondant.


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