Sewing a top a month: April

When it came to the next top, I knew just what style I wanted to make. I just didn’t think I had any materials I could use, but again, really didn’t want to go to the shop!

Fortunately, I found a yellow broadcloth, and some matching floral fabric that I could use for the sleeves.

I created my own pattern again, using an old shirt as the base.

Shirt pattern making

I’ve recently discovered “Sweet Verbena” and found so many of her tutorials that I’ve wanted to try, so I thought I’d try out her Cap Sleeve Blouse.

Side note: Sweet Verbena was a fun blog find! I’ve found that there aren’t that many youthy, fashionable sewing bloggers out there like her. Most are mothers who sew! I love mothers who sew and blog, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t really need to know how to sew a bib just yet! ;)

I changed mine just a little though, and left the sleeves just a little longer, so they’re also a little fluttery.



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