Sewing a top a month: “March”

For those playing along at home, you’ll be happy to know I finished both “March” and April tops just hours before it clicked over to May 1st. That’s called true procrastination Kendall style. I’ll leave it until the last minute, but I’ll finish it somehow.

Having the last blog post as inspiration definitely helped me force myself to sew. Otherwise I probably would have spent a few hours roaming around Pinterest and accomplishing nothing.

With that being said (typed?), let’s start with the top from “March”. (Seriously, don’t get behind on  monthly projects, it just gets confusing!) I decided to start with a simple blouse, with a round neckline and scalloped collar. Oh, wait, maybe not so simple…

Basically, I didn’t want to leave home to buy materials, so I went searching everywhere for a contrasting fabric to use for the collar. (I’d already decided on some left over purple fabric awhile ago). I found a t-shirt made from white knit, and was about to cut into it, when I found a off-white/cream fabric hidden under everything else. Score! I’ll take cotton over knit any day.

Cream fabric, purple fabric, silly white knit fabric

Next problem… I was going to use the pattern I made for February’s top for this one, but where was it?! Who knows. Looks like I’m making a new one.

Yeah. You can see I didn't spend hours on these...

With the pattern recreated, it was time to attempt the scalloped collar. I had seen a few different ways of doing it, and decided to try the contacting method. I traced my basic collar piece onto the contact, and then using a small roll of tape, created the circles around it.

And then I looked at the size of it, and thought… If I use scallops this small, they’re:

  1. Not going to turn right side out properly and look funny
  2. Look like I’m wearing a clown’s collar and I’ll look funny

Scrap that. I upsized to a glass, and repeated the process, still fearing that #2 could be an issue.

Clown collars?

Thankfully, this was were my major problems ceased. Material was cut out, collar had been sewn and then trimmed, and it was just the simple matter of sewing it all together in the right places, which for once I was able to do. Phew.

All up, it didn’t take too long. Maybe 2.5 hours? Without hemming the bottom, because I ‘finished’ this at 5.36, and ran out the door with it on at 5:45.

I really like it, and I really like that I don’t look like too much of a clown with it on. ;) I’m thinking about adding a ribbon/sash that ties into a bow in the middle – mainly to hide a small flaw in the neckline – but I’m trying to remember less is more.

The back

And front


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