Chocolate Heaven.


The idea for this came from a friend posting the picture on my facebook wall as a challenge. Back then, I used my vanilla recipe, and just added 2 tablespoons as cocoa powder. It worked well, and the cupcakes were delicious. I didn’t frost the first lot though, and just sprinkled icing sugar. They were sweet enough as it was.

However, I have been wanting to make it again for a while, and use the proper frosting recipe. I found the recipe that matched the original picture, and as a result, I think I have found my favourite chocolate cake recipe. Nice, soft and fluffy. I should have known any recipe with buttermilk was the solution.

We adapted it a little and used Mars Bars and Cherry Ripes as well as the suggested peanut butter cups. My favourite was the Mars bar pieces! Chocolate, nougat and just a little bit of caramel was perfect with the cake, Oreo and frosting! And if you can eat it while it’s still warm… I think it’s heaven. Or maybe as close to heaven in a cupcake, on earth.

Anyway, for the original recipe, please visit ‘The Sweet Life’  here. I can pretty much promise you that you won’t regret it. And you will never experience a cupcake the same way again. Life changing? Heck yes.

(Oops. This has been sitting as a draft for 1.5 weeks – thought it was about time to post it!)


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