Sewing a top a month: March (Oops!)

March has been and gone, and I haven’t sewn a top. I lasted two whole months! I’ll just have to try and squeeze an extra top in somewhere.

I like to think my reason is lack of fabric, and money to purchase fabric, but truthfully, I’ve been lacking inspiration. Until now, when I go away tomorrow for two weeks – go figure! So here I am, blogging some of my inspiration, so when I get back, it’s all here!

I’m still inspired by fluttery sleeves, so that is definitely an option, especially when paired with lace. I tried on a cute top just like this at Myer, but it was much too big. Black, with fluttery sleeves, with just a little bit of lace poking out.


Picture from Kristina J - she even gives a tutorial on how to do it!


Bhldn - lace AND cap sleeves? Swoon.

Then, there is always the option of remaking my February top for myself. I found some purple cotton (rather than the devil that is chiffon!), and so this is also a possibility. I’ve even seen a similar top, except that instead of a lace collar, it has a scalloped collar. Adorable!

Orly Kiely

So, my next goal is to sew a top for March, and April, using these as my inspiration. I will not get behind any more than this! Right?!


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